The newspaper El Mundo digital edition announces the agreement between the Human-Castle Building Team Coordinator of Catalonia (CCC) and Covides

On Saturday, November 23, Covides - Vineyards Wineries appeared in the newspaper El Mundo digital edition, in the section “VADEVI” informing about the recent agreement between the CCC and Covides.

“Covides presents a cava to make castles at home” is the title that heads an article starring the creation of a new cava, the Casteller Brut Nature Selection and the new boxes of the Casteller brand, which stacked three by three build a Magnificent castle.

As we explained in the news of the agreement, after five years, Covides takes a step forward and expands its relationship by becoming a collaborator of the CCCC, reinforcing the relationship and the economic contribution that will allow the federation to continue promoting activities and ensuring the common interest of the human-castle building group.