Covides wins 9 medals at IWSC

The International Wine and Spirits Competition is an annual wine and spirits competition. Each year, it receives entries from more than 90 countries around the world. The prizes awarded are considered top honors in the industry.

It takes more than six months to judge all the products, as they are classified in more than 1,500 categories. As a result, the competition has more than 250 specialized judges from around the world. Many are Masters of Wine, some are winemakers or distillers, others are trade specialists, each judge in his or her special field. All judges attend an IWSC judges' induction course.

The results and products presented are:

Silver Medal:

- Cava Casteller Brut

- Cava Ferriol Brut Eco

- Cava Ferriol Brut Selection

- Terra Terrae Red Wine 2019

- Cava Terra Terrae Brut

- Cava Terra Terrae Brut Reserva

Bronze Medal:

- Cava Ferriol Brut Reserva

- Cava Helix Brut

- Terra Terrae White Wine 2019

As always, we will continue working to produce the best wines from the DO Pened├Ęs and cavas from the DO Cava to bring the best products to our customers.