Covides redesigns the image in the Xènius caves

We are proud to announce that Covides has launched the new design for the brand Xènius.

Xènius is the pseudonym of Eugeni d'Ors, writer, cartoonist, journalist and Catalan philosopher. The challenge was to create a label in which, in some way, the Catalan author could be captured. To this end, we have gone back to the first novel that marked Eugeni as a reference in Catalan literature, "The Four Cats".

The character on the label is a bohemian cat, intelligent, intellectual, modernist and obviously a lover of good wine, which represents the protagonist of the story. It describes the dichotomy between the given life of a bourgeois and the liberated life of a bohemian.

As part of the renovation in the design, we also wanted to transform the typography of the brand and create a more modernized version.

The final result has been a very renewed image with a lot of personality.

We hope you like it!