The Cava Comte de Foix Brut has been selected for the edition of "Supervinos 2021"

Although these are difficult days, we are pleased to report that the Cava Comte de Foix Brut has been selected to form part of the book "Los supervinos 2021".

The guide "Los supervinos 2021" not only offers useful, updated and rigorous information about the wines that you can find in the supermarket, but also proposes to wine lovers the constant discovery of new references through easy and affordable language.

This book surprises the reader with very specialized data and illustrates the hobbyist with useful tips and anecdotes that will help him to enjoy to the fullest his forays into the wine areas of large supermarkets.

As you should already know, the chosen cava can be found in supermarkets such as Alcampo, Carrefour and Super Amara in Spain.