The ARA newspaper celebrates the International Day of Cooperatives with Covides

Last Saturday, July 6, Covides - Vineyards Wineries appeared in the newspaper ARA, in the section of "Pàgines especials" in tribute to the International Day of Cooperatives.

"Vins del Penedès i caves amb personalitat pròpia" or “Penedès wines and cavas with its own personality” was the title of the article that helped push our international expansion, for our products with the "organic" and "vegan" certifications from the Terra Terrae line and the Premium Brut and Brut Nature cavas from the Duc de Foix line. A small column on the right also highlights the international awards won that day.

Covides was born from the desire of a group of wine growers from all over the Penedés region to produce wines and cavas with their own personality. The commitment, effort and demand are the heart of our Cooperative, this becoming the first grade wine cooperative in Catalonia in terms of volume.